How to Find Information on a Thoroughbred’s Pedigree

To find information on a thoroughbred horse’s pedigree, you can contact the Jockey Club.┬áThis organization can help you trace your horse’s background, provided the name the horse uses now is its registered name. (Also, check to see if your horse has a tatoo underneath its top lip. A Jockey Club tatoo will be present on any horse trained at a track, even if the horse didn’t race. This tatoo can be used to find out information on an animal even if you don’t know its registered name.)

If this fails, try contacting the United States Equestrian Federation to see if the animal were ever recorded there. If so, the USEF should be able to tell you the horse’s sire and dam and the horse’s registered name. The address, phone, and fax are as follows:

United States Equestrian Federation
4047 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511
Phone: 859-258-2472
Fax: 859-231-6662